Agile Interview – Nathaniel Bennink

Agile Interview – Nathaniel Bennink

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Welcome to the Agile Interview Series.  As part of this series, we ask agile practitioners 7 questions, focused around agile and agile related certifications.  Our goal with this series is to give you multiple perspectives from a variety of practitioners within the agile space.

How did you get into the agile space?

We’ve been in the Agile space 17 years since the manifesto up in Michigan.

What is your focus area/area of expertise related to agile?

We focus on using the best and most cutting edge practices, which for ht time being is Agile/XP. Pair programming, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, and Collective Code ownership, are just a few practices we focus on. We solve companies most challenging business problems. There’s no such thing as “best practices” to us, but a loaded toolbox with which to mix and match.

What is your view on certifications?  Should people get them or not?

We feel that certifications can be a good idea but it is no substitute for experience and willingness to learn. Many of them can be achieved by a one day course that doesn’t necessarily reflect mastery or competency.

What certifications do you have and why?

I don’t have any actually!

What is your favorite agile related book?

My favorite Agile books are Test Driven Development


and Clean Code by Kent Beck/Bob Martin.


Any final thoughts for other agile practitioners?

Do more than Scrum. If you want real value and velocity it starts with having the right type of people and engineering practices. Adding only a Scrum or Kanban process can be helpful, but it is only a foot in the door for a larger transformation.

How can people contact you if they have specific questions?

LinkedIn always works. My email and everything is there and I’m happy to chat!