Agile Interview – Tim Lund

Agile Interview – Tim Lund

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Welcome to the Agile Interview Series.  As part of this series, we ask agile practitioners 7 questions, focused around agile and agile related certifications.  Our goal with this series is to give you multiple perspectives from a variety of practitioners within the agile space.

How did you get into the agile space?

Was appointed a project lead the first week of my career, talked to one of my buddies from college. He recommended Scrum, so I bought the ugly black book, read it, and started doing it.

Agile Software Development with Scrum

What is your focus area/area of expertise related to agile?

Kanban facilitator going into Program Management implementing SAFe.

What is your view on certifications?  Should people get them or not?

I think people should get them because it may expose them to new ideas, but when hiring I also realize that a certification does not make one good at agile, or vice-versa.

What certifications do you have and why?

I only have a CSM from Agile Alliance because my company paid for it at the time. I haven’t renewed it because I don’t see the value in doing that.

What is your favorite agile related book?

User Stories Applied by Mike Cohn.

User Stories Applied For Agile Software Development by Mike Cohn Forward by Kent Beck

Any final thoughts for other agile practitioners?

After you learn what to do, focus on figuring out why we do it that way.

How can people contact you if they have specific questions?