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 What is Extreme Programming (XP)?

XP is one of the many methodologies  that falls under the “agile umbrella”.  It was created by Kent Beck and focused on improving software quality and responsiveness to change.  There are many similarities between XP and Scrum, with one of the key differences being that XP includes a focus on development/technical practices, where Scrum does not.  This focus on technical practices means that XP is often combined with other agile methodologies.



-Focuses on short feedback loops

-Focuses on small teams and values people through practices like collective ownership

-Includes many sound technical practices such as unit testing, refactoring and acceptance test driven development

-Practices can be combined with other approaches to supplement them


– Many proponents say you must do all of the practices or you don’t get the benefit, which may be difficult for many organizations

-Code focused, may lead to issue with not enough design or scoping for larger efforts

-Many practitioners see many gaps in XP by itself, which is why elements are often combined with other methodologies

What Certifications are Available?

There are currently no certifications available directly for XP, but given the technical focus of many XP practices, some of the Developer certifications can potentially be of benefit.


Professional Scrum Developer  I (PSD I)

Scrum Alliance

Certified Scrum Developer (CSD)

XP Introduction Video

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What are Good Books Related to XP?

There are several books available that explain XP practices in more detail, as well as some that discuss potential downfalls and expand on the concepts.


Extreme Programming Explained
Extreme Programming Refactored: The Case Against XP
Extreme Programming Pocket Guide

 What are Other Related Books?

These books, while not directly discussing XP, will expand and probe deeper into some of the related XP concepts.

Essential Skills for the Agile Developer