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What is Scrum?

Scrum is probably the most popular agile framework and often what people are referring to when they say they are “doing agile”

Scrum in 5 Sentences

1. A Scrum team consists of a cross-functional team of 7+- 2 people, including a servant leader (ScrumMaster) and business partner/representative (Product Owner).

2. All work needed to be done is stored in a prioritized list (the backlog) that the team pulls from.

3. The team works in time-boxed sprints (typically 2 weeks) to do everything necessary to complete any user stories that they committed to finishing, starting with a planning session on the first day and ending with a demo and retrospective on the last day.

4. The syncs up daily via a daily scrum/stand-up where they typically focus on 3 questions (what did I complete yesterday, what do I plan to complete today and is anything impeding my progress).

5. The team tracks their progress via a few simple metrics, such as burnup and burndown charts.


-Has been used for many years and has been proven in the marketplace

-Many books, materials and training available on the topic

-Primarily used as the basis for any scaling framework


-Organizations may not be setup/willing to change to support Scrum (ex. skillsets, location, etc)

-Does not work as well if things change often within the sprint.  Instead see Kanban.

Scrum Introduction Video

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What are Good Books Related to Scrum?

Given the success and popularity of Scrum, there are a variety of excellent books available to learn about Scrum directly, as well as to dive into specific key elements (ex. such as writing user stories).

Agile Software Development with Scrum
Agile Project Management with Scrum
Agile Estimating & Planning
Succeeding With Agile
Essential Scrum
Agile Product Management with Scrum

 What are Other Related Books?

In addition to the books that directly focus on Scrum, there are a variety of other books that address supporting topics, such as automated testing, which are essential to high performing Scrum teams.

Agile Testing